The advantages and disadvantages of plastic bags

(A) PE plastic bags Features:


1) the effect of advertising for goods;

2) having antistatic properties and good printing durability. Therefore, people of all ages;

3) having water repellency.


1) to pollute the environment;

2) its recalcitrance, known as the “white pollution”

3) the plastic will release harmful gases, long-term accumulation in a sealed bag, the concentration increases with with sealing time, resulting in a bag of food are subject to different degrees of pollution;

1,Is not consistent with the theme of environmental protection for the above shortcomings, countries are trying to find a new material to replace chemical plastic, so a new environmentally friendly plastic: biodegradable plastic (PPC).

Biodegradable plastic is self-degradation under natural conditions in a shorter period of time, plastic.

The biodegradable plastic is generally divided into four categories:

Light degradable plastic in plastic mixed photosensitizer, The OPP Plastic Bag gradual decomposition of the plastic in the sunshine. It belongs to an earlier generation of degradable plastics, the drawback is the degradation time sunshine and climate change are difficult to predict, and therefore can not control the degradation time.

2, biodegradable plastic under the action of microorganisms can be completely decomposed into low molecular weight compound plastic. It features easy storage and transportation, as long as kept dry, without dark, wide range of applications, not only can be used for agricultural film, bags, and widely used in the field of medicine.

3, the light / biodegradable photodegradation and microbial combination of plastic, it also has the characteristics of light and microbial degradation OPP Plastic Bag wholesale of plastics.

Water degradable plastics add the absorbent material in plastic, exhausted abandoned in the water that can be dissolved out, mainly for medical and health appliances (such as medical gloves), ease of destruction and disinfection. With the development of modern biotechnology, bio-degradable plastics more and more attention, has become the research and development of a new generation of hot spots.

All kinds of plastic products has greatly enriched people’s lives, but the waste plastic is slowly decompose in nature, completely decomposed take decades, even centuries, and thus the degradation of the packaging bag wholesale and reuse placed in all of today’s environmental chemist front of you. Interestingly, however, biodegradable plastic is not the original intention of scientists developed plastic. Biodegradable plastic currently being developed or has been developed by scientists relatively narrow range of applications, still can not replace mass plastic. Secondly, because of its high cost, immature technology, none has been widely applied.


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